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Yes, We Shave Our Faces + Barbiegate + Permission to Fall Apart (5th Thing)

Do you try to hold it together when what you really need is to fall apart? Kat showed up to Amy’s house in tears and she almost didn’t allow herself to show up that way. And that’s where today’s quote from Ally Fallon comes into play: “Things that want to hold together hold together. Things that want to fall apart fall apart.” 


What is something that you thought was weird that only you dealt with, but later you found out you’re not alone and others deal with it too? Amy & Kat share some of their things and their face shaving tips!


There has been some controversy around the Barbie movie, so Kat & Amy shared their thoughts and Kat even did an entire ‘You Need Therapy’ podcast episode about it. Click HERE to listen to that! 



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