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Bobby Announces How He’s Cheating on Eddie After Counting Crows Betrayal

There's an update on the cheating situation with the Bobby Bones Show.

Eddie said he was cheating on Bobby Bones by going to the Counting Crows concert without him. So now Bobby is sharing how he's going to cheat on Eddie back.

Next week, Bones will be working from Memphis to play a professional charity golf event with St. Jude and the PGA golfer. Eddie is usually his caddy, but this time, Bones will take his brother-in-law to caddy for him. They will also play together the next day in another golf tournament. Bones and Eddie usually do that together, but this is his way of getting even with him for "cheating." 

Eddie then shared an update on the Counting Crows concert and said the couple they were originally going with canceled last minute, so now they can go together! Bones is going to think about if he still wants to go with Eddie, but after next week, they are even and will no longer cheat on each other.