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Bobby Reveals the Crazy Item Worth Thousands He Found in His House

Back at the beginning of the year, Bobby Bones said he had to wait to share a story until August 1st, and the time has finally come for him to reveal the crazy expensive item he found in his house.  

The people who lived in the house before Bones had a lot of bizzare things, including some stained-glass triangles with glass circles in the middle that hung 15-feet in the air. Bones hated them so he called his friend that was a contractor to take them down, but a friend told him that before he does that, he should have them appraised.  

Dr. Lori appraised them, and it turned out they were tiffany glass that were worth $15 to 20-thousand dollars each. Bones was going to sell them for $50, but upon learning their worth, he took them to a place that sells that kind of stuff, and they will call him once they sell. He waited so long to tell the story because he didn’t want someone to break into his house, but they are gone now so he feels comfortable sharing.