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Lunchbox Ranked The Worst Drivers On The Show

Lunchbox ranked who the worst driver on the Bobby Bones Show after he and Abby had a frustrating experience in the car together.

She drove him to the coffee shop when they were doing the crying segment, and he said she did not know how to back out of a spot. When they got to the second location, she almost hit a guy walking down the street. Lunchbox thinks all the women on the show are awful drivers, so Bobby Bones wants to know if they are truly terrible drivers, or if he just is against strong independent women.  

He ranked the worst drivers on the show, find out his list below!  

  1. Amy
  2. Morgan
  3. Abby

Lunchbox chose Amy as the worst because they used to drive together to Texas all the time, and he was scared to take a nap in the car.