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Scuba Steve Has Gone on 5/8 Dates With Show Members

Scuba Steve has been going on 1-on-1 dates with members of the Bobby Bones Show to get to know them better. Some past dates include going to the Opry with Bobby Bones, bowling with Eddie and getting pedicures with Morgan!  

Over the weekend, he went hiking with Amy. She brought her dog, and they had a lot of good talks along the way. They also ran into Dan Smyers from Dan + Shay and Amy was 99% sure he thought they were on a date. They see each other there often and he’ll usually stop, but this time he continued to run by when he saw Amy was with Scuba. She thinks what was going on in his mind was that they were on a date together and he did not want to interrupt it.  

Scuba still has to go on a date with Lunchbox, Mike D and Abby!