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Bobby Bones Cinema Club Draws New Movie: ‘Showgirls’

The Bobby Bones Show is continuing their movie club! 

Everyone submitted their movie suggestions, and Bobby Bones draws one randomly out of his Arkansas football helmet and whichever one is picked, they have a week to watch it and review.   

The most recent movie we reviewed was Raymundo’s suggestion for Shotgun Wedding. Other’s we reviewed were Lunchbox’s suggestion, The Stuff, and Eddie’s suggestion Rope. They picked another movie today and chose Showgirls, another movie Lunchbox recommended. It’s rated NC-17, is full of nudity and after looking up reviews it was called “one of the most notorious box office bombs.” Some of the members of the show feel uncomfortable watching this movie, so Bones said they don’t have to watch it if they don’t want to.

Whoever decides to watch it will review it in one week!