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Bobby Bones Show’s Employee of the Month Chosen For July

The Bobby Bones Show's Employee of the Month was chosen for July! 

Bobby Bones recognizes the employee who shined the most in the last month. The winner gets to spin the wheel and possibly win some money, or they can choose to do self-promotion or block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future. Abby was last month's winner! For July, there were two winners for the first time ever.

Both Lunchbox and Eddie won! Lunchbox was chosen for his JFK assassination report that he used multiple wigs for, crying in public at two coffee shops until someone confronted him, the return of his Sunburn Protection Foundation, he let us know how much country artists tip in Uber’s and his movie suggestion The Stuff. Eddie was chosen because he followed through on something he had been talking about for a while and went skydiving, he started his Smokin’ Hot Chicken business, he admitted he likes to eat boogers and he won Blind Karaoke.  

To celebrate their win, they both chose to block each other from winning for the next two months.