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Bobby Reveals Surprise For The Bobby Bones Show

Bobby Bones revealed a wooden pillory as a surprise for the members of The Bobby Bones Show!

It’s a medieval device that locks your arms and neck that you’re unable to get yourself out of. They used to punish people in the Town square by having them wear it and humiliate them. Bones got it because no one liked the current punishments he was doing, and when he brought the pillory up, everyone liked it, but now they’re not too thrilled about it. Now when someone does something wrong on the show, they will have to wear the pillory as punishment, but there are different levels of pillory punishment.  

  • Level one - In-studio humiliation. You’ll get on the stage and have to do one segment of the show while wearing it.  
  • Level two - While wearing it you’ll be fed food that you can only eat with your mouth.  
  • Level three - You’ll become water balloon target practice while wearing it.   
  • Level four - You have to wear it in public on a street corner until you get 10 honks.  
  • Level five - You have to go out in public wearing it and beg strangers to help you get out.  

The punishment won’t happen if anyone loses a game. Everyone on the show besides Amy voted to start implementing the pillory punishment.