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Lunchbox Asks Wife If He Can Donate At Sperm Bank

The show shared a story about an engaged man who wanted to donate his sperm to his female friend, but his fiancé said no and they’re fighting about it.  

Lunchbox decided he would ask his wife if he could start donating at a sperm bank because he thought she would be okay with it. He told her that he received an email saying he could make up to $2-thousand by donating his sperm and guaranteed it would be given out of the state. She did not like the idea because she does not want there to be anymore “little Lunchbox’s” running around since they already have three of them. He said the difference would be he won’t have to take care of them. He also offered to give her $500 of the $2-thousand, but she still said no. It was a hypothetical situation, so he did not really fight for it.