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Morgan Complains About Public Indecency Ordeal With Lunchbox

Morgan brought the show a topic of public indecency instead of taking it to the HR department.

When Morgan picked up Lunchbox for their Sonic commercial, he walked out of his house with no shirt on. The shirt was in his hand, and he said it was still drying. Then, he also showed up to work with no shirt on! He said it was because he biked to work, which makes him really sweaty, and his shirt wet. So, he took it off and hung it up on the bike rack to dry. He needed a blast of cool air when he walked into the studio, so he came in with no shirt on, then he got changed and ready for the show.  

He does not feel it’s indecent because you see people walking on the street with no shirt on all the time. If Morgan went to HR about it, he thinks they wouldn’t mind. But the Bobby Bones Show reminded him that if someone who didn’t know him saw him without his shirt on at work, they could go to HR about it, and he’d get in trouble for it.