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Raymundo Charged $180 To Ride Scooters In Nashville

Raymundo is having a lot of drama with a scooter ride he took around Nashville that cost him $180.

He and his nephew each rode a scooter around Nashville, and he did not know the different fees they hit you with and was embarrassed by how much he had to spend. They rode for three hours and thought they could ride on these scooters for hours for only $30.  

Bobby Bones looked into the pricing and found that 15 minutes of riding costs $2.25 plus the $1 start fee. 30 minutes is $4.50 and 1 hour is $10.  

There are millage charges that are included in the final price as well. Raymundo wrote to the CEO of the company and said he thought he was being overcharged, but he broke down the pricing for him and it was accurate. Since he rode 13 miles all over the city, and they kept the scooters running when they would look at landmarks, and switched to two other scooters, so they ended up using four in total.  

He was shocked at the final price and warned people to read the fine print before they ride the scooters.