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Abby Performs Original Song She Wrote In A Week

Abby is opening both of Bobby Bones Comedically Inspirational Shows this weekend in Wichita, Kansas.

It’s her hometown show, and she will be performing three songs: “Mean” by Taylor Swift, “Wild One” by Faith Hill and an original song she wrote. Bones challenged her to write an original song in less than a week since she never had before. So she texted all of her songwriter friends that she needed to write a song and co-wrote the song with Billy Dawson, Eric Dodd and Chase McDaniel.  

The song is very personal to her and is about her story of coming from Wichita, Kansas and having a dream to sing and moving to Nashville. It is called “Hey There Hometown.” It’s just under three minutes long and she debuted it on the show for the first time and everyone on the show thought it was great! She also shared that she has a boyfriend she’s been keeping secret for a while, and more details will be shared on that soon. Abby will perform the song for the first time live this weekend.