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Lunchbox Claims Abby Is Lazy for Not Playing Guitar

Abby is opening at Bobby BonesComedically Inspirational shows this weekend in Wichita, Kansas and Lunchbox thinks she is lazy for not knowing how to play the guitar.

His reason was because in the last two years, Bones has given her multiple opportunities to perform on stage, and she hasn’t tried to learn the guitar once. He thinks that is a skill she needs to try and make it in music, and that she is wasting money paying guitar players to perform with her. Abby said she has attempted to learn the guitar, but she is having a hard time picking it up because she can’t learn the notes. She has an app that teaches her, and she watches YouTube videos, but it does not come easy to her. Bones does not think she is lazy, but he does agree that Lunchbox has a point, and that Abby should learn to play the guitar.  

Other members of the Bobby Bones Show understand that it is hard, but she could learn the basics if she really wanted to, since it is a skill she does want to pick up. She is going to start practicing and six months from now she is going to do a recital on the show.