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Bobby Bones Show Shares Things They’ve Learned From TikTok

TikTok application

Photo: Wachiwit / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

TikTok is great for learning all kinds of new things. The Bobby Bones Show is often on there watching videos and they wanted to share the fun things they've learned from being on the app. So everyone brought a video in for TikTok Show & Tell.

Bobby: The two kids who played the sons of Uncle Jesse on Full House, Nicky and Alex, he shared a where are they now!

He also shared a video of a Private Investigator informing people how you can never truly trust anyone:

Eddie: A psychologist who had a fun game that asks you questions and depending on how you answer, she can tell you what kind of person you are:

Lunchbox: A hack he found on how to make freezer pancakes for when you need a quick and easy breakfast:

Amy: There is a podcast breakdown of what Mario says in Super Mario Bros. Everyone thinks he says “It’s-a me, Mario!” But Nintendo is based in Japan, so he’s saying something different:  

Morgan: A hack on how to husk corn in five minutes: