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Listener Shares Bad News With Lunchbox After Running Into Lottery Winner

Listener Rodger from Destin, Florida called into The Bobby Bones Show with bad news for Lunchbox. He said the man right beside him at the gas station won $15 million on a scratch off ticket this morning!  

He didn’t see him scratch the ticket, but the man started yelling and showed him his winning ticket and now he’s headed to Tallahassee to collect his winners. The man was very skeptical to show his winnings, and at first thought it was $1-million, but when the listener got a better look at it, he saw he won $15-million. The winning ticket was a $30 Florida Gold Rush ticket. Lunchbox looked at how many of those lottery tickets are left at the top prize and there are four. 

Lunchbox said the listener is going to spend years now questioning why he didn’t buy that ticket and win. After taxes, the man will have $8-million. Bobby Bones asked Lunchbox what he would spend that money on, and he said an island, because when your rich, people come after you and he would escape to his own island.