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Bobby Bones Show Cinema Club Reviews ‘Showgirls’

The Bobby Bones Show has started a movie club!  

Everyone submitted their movie suggestions and Bobby Bones draws one randomly out of his Arkansas football helmet and whichever one is picked, they have a week to watch it and review.   

Lunchbox’s movie suggestion, Showgirls, was chosen this time. The movie is rated NC-17 and filled with a lot of nudity so not everyone on the show felt comfortable watching it. Find out their reviews below!  

  • Bobby Bones – Only watched the first 4 minutes and turned it off.  
  • Amy – Did not watch it.  
  • Raymundo – Did not watch it.  
  • Eddie – He started watching it with his parents in town, but then felt weird and watched it alone. He did not like it. Gave it 0.5/5 Vegas Lights  
  • Lunchbox – Would watch it again but understood why it didn’t win any awards. Gave it 2.5/5 Poles.  
  • Morgan – If there wasn’t so much nudity it wouldn’t have been that bad of a movie. But she felt uncomfortable the whole time. Gave it 0.5/5 sparkly dresses. 
  • Abby Did not like it and felt uncomfortable watching it. Gave it 0.5/5 boobs. 
  • Mike DCalled it the worst movie he’s ever seen. Gave it 0.5/5 dresses.  

They will draw another movie soon! 

Photo: MGM/UA Home Entertainment