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Morgan Got AI Scam Call Trying To Replicate Her Voice

Morgan got an AI scam call that she would not have known about if she wasn’t paying attention to the Internet.

She got a call from her area code in Wichita, Kansas, and it also had a name attached to it, so she thought she knew the number and picked it up. The first thing they said was, “Can you hear me?” and that’s when she knew it was a scam call. She had seen on the internet that if that is the first thing you hear and you say yes, they then take your voice and duplicate it using AI and sign you up for different things and get access to your accounts.  

Bobby Bones had heard of AI calling you with the voice of someone you know asking for help and money. In case someone calls, and they truly need help, Bones and his wife have created a code word they will use to show it’s real and not a scam.