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BBS Debates If Getting Winked At Is Cool or Creepy

Cheerful female blogger winking while taking selfie through smart phone in office

Photo: Maskot / Maskot / Getty Images

Members of The Bobby Bones Show debated if getting winked at is cool or creepy. Find out their answers below! 

  • Bobby Bones – Thinks it’s a creepy uncle thing, and he’s never done it. He’s also never seen someone do a smooth one.  
  • Eddie – He's never winked at anyone and think’s it’s weird.  
  • Lunchbox – Once winked at a girl sitting across from him at the bar and she awkwardly smiled back. He said he’s not good at it, but he’s tried it.  
  • Amy – If she saw someone wink, she would think they had something in their eye. She thinks winking is only okay if you’re already in a relationship and it’s something you and your partner do it.  
  • Morgan – No one winks these days, it’s more like a smirk or a head nod. She’s had people wink at her before, but it did not work.  
  • Raymundo – He's winked with the finger air guns to girls and it’s worked.