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Amy Lost Piece of Her Ear While Talking

Amy had quite the ear debacle over the weekend when her earring fell off... with the back still on.

In seventh grade Amy’s earring got caught on a girls' sweater and it ripped her ear. Not all the way through but since then it’s ripped a little more over the years. Then, over the weekend she was at her son’s birthday party talking to people and her hand flew up and caught her earring and it ripped all the way through. Her friend found her earring on the ground with the back still on it. She felt terrified and immediately grabbed her ear so people wouldn’t see the blood and put a Band-Aid on it.  Amy is terrified to look at it and her friend told her it looks like a lizard's tongue that’s split.  

She needs it to be stitched together properly with no infections or scar tissue so she can get it re-pierced. Bobby Bones suggested if someone knows how to properly do stitches, they can come to the studio and fix her ear. A coordinator for a doctor who does plastic surgery called in and said it’s very common and they can stitch her ear up fast and get it back to normal in a few months. They are still deciding if a doctor should come to the studio and stitch her ear live on air!