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Bobby Bones Shares Rejected Segments From The Last Month

Bobby Bones shared rejected segments that didn’t make The Bobby Bones Show from July. They were rejected because they were either dangerous, hurtful, boring, or they could get people fired.  

Below are the top five rejected segments:  

  1. Eddie thought his kid was kidnapped. He woke up and went to his son's room to get toothpaste, but he was not there. He couldn’t find him anywhere and even woke up his wife to look for him. They finally found him sleeping in his little brother's room. It wasn’t chosen because Eddie was being dramatic.  
  2. Raymundo went to Waffle House for the first time ever and had no idea all the code words there were for ordering food there. Bones wishes he had done this segment in some way.  
  3. Raymundo no longer gets a discount on rent at his apartment. The lady who was the head of his apartment department left and they no longer get a rent discount. It was not chosen because it’s not interesting.  
  4. Lunchbox Carpool Karaoke. Everyone picks him up at his house and drives him to work. They do karaoke while in the car and capture it and put it online. It was rejected because he’s trying to cheat the system.  
  5. Confront a Troll. Mike D suggested we find and confront people who constantly troll country artists online. We tell them they won a contest and fly them to Nashville to hang in the studio. We don’t tell them the artist they have been trolling will also be there. We read their mean Tweets in front of the artist and have them explain themselves.