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Lunchbox Attempts To Spill The Tea On Morgan’s Dating Life

Lunchbox attempted to spill the tea on Morgan’s dating life, but it didn’t go over too well.  

He said Morgan had a man sleep at her house because she texted the show group chat on an early Sunday morning asking if anyone knew of a plumber and it was an emergency. He viewed that as her admitting she had a man stay the night and when he woke up, he clogged the toilet. But the text never said it was an emergency.  

Morgan said it’s nobody’s business, but a man did not spend the night at her house, and she needed a plumber because her shower is leaking. No one on the show besides Lunchbox thought that text meant she had a man clog her toilet. The next time someone attempts to spill the tea and it’s wrong, they will have to wear the pillory of shame.