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Debating If I Should Continue My Healing Journey or Go Insane? (5th Thing)

Just because you’ve been in therapy for 15 years (or however long) and you still go doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that it’s not working. Some people seem to think that there is a final destination when it comes to personal growth and that’s just not the case. This topic came up because of today's quote: “Debating if I should continue my healing journey or go insane?” (this made us Lol because it most definitely hits home for some days!)


Does Amy have some weird disease?? Amy has an underlying issue that is causing her mouth to be really dry. If anyone has any idea what this could be….let us know! 


Shoutout Little Words Project!! Amy was given LWP bracelets by two different friends at a radio seminar this last weekend. One friend gave her ‘BLOOM’ and another gave her ‘KEEP GOING’ - these bracelets are so cute! 


Do you know the difference between unplugging and recharging? It’s very important to know the difference and make sure you’re doing both! 


What does Amy do with her wedding ring now that she is divorced? Jewelry is precious, so keeping it in the family is likely what she will do! Thoughts?


Amy & Kat talk about all of this & MORE! Hope you enjoy and have the day you need to have!!



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