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Amy Gets Ear Surgery In Studio From Dr. Luckey

Over the weekend, Amy ripped her earring through her ear, splitting it in half. So Dr. Luckey, a plastic surgeon, came on The Bobby Bones Show to stitch her ear live on the show.  

Dr. Luckey is a board-certified plastic surgeon and her practice, Female Plastic Surgeon Associates of Tennessee is based in Franklin and Cool Springs, Tennessee. To prepare, they will numb the area and make sure she is comfortable. Once it’s numb she makes an insertion and then brings the two separated areas together. It will take six months for her earlobe to heal and then she will be able to pierce it again, but she has to make sure it’s done in the correct spot, so it does not rip through again.  

Dr. Luckey brought a sterile set up and gloves to the studio and was able to do the surgery with Amy lying on a couch. While she was laying down, they numbed her earlobe, injected the area and started the procedure. It only took a few minutes, and it was 10 stitches. Amy felt good and her ear is expected to make a full recovery.

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