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Bobby Talks About His Experience Growing Up Without a Father

Bobby Bones found a study about how boys without father fair compared to those with fathers. He was interested in this because his father left when he was 5 years old.  

It said boys who grow up with devoted single moms do just as well in life as boys who grow up in conventional families. The study did find that boys who grew up without fathers are more sensitive to others and more in tune with their feelings than other boys their same age who have fathers. It also found that they tend to be harder workers and have a paying job earlier than their peers. Bones agreed that he fits in that mold and said it’s hard to get out of the hole, but once you do and get back to even, you’re almost at an advantage because you just spent all that time and effort working to get even and now, you’re sharp.  

The study is from a book called Raising Boys Without Men by Peggy Drexler.