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Lunchbox Wins Big At Slot Machine in North Dakota

Lunchbox went to Four Bears Casino in North Dakota and won a bunch of money!

He played the Buffalo penny slot machine after hearing Raymundo's wife winning big on it and won nothing on the first and second spin. Then, on the third spin, he won. The machine started flashing and he was jumping up and down screaming. A crowd gathered around, and an attendant came over and asked for his info.  

He won $1,420! He promised it was not set up and it was just a random machine he picked. He thought since he won so much money, they were going to rename the casino after him, but they did not. He ran into a problem when people kept coming up to him saying they heard he had won thousands of dollars. He was scared people were going to try and break into his room, so he told them he did not win.