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Bobby Bones Show Tips & Tricks For Falling Asleep

If you’re constantly waking up tired, a study found that it’s probably from these reasons:  

  1. Fatigue - you probably just need more sleep.  
  2. Sedentary lifestyle – if you just sit around all day, you need to do some moderate exercise to be adjusted for the rest your body needs. 
  3. Anxiety or depression – communicate with your doctor about it and they may prescribe a medicine that can help.  
  4. Inconsistent sleep – can't ever catch up on sleep. Try to get back into a consistent routine.  
  5. Dehydration – make sure to drink enough water, especially if you’re in the sun at all. Your body will have a hard time falling asleep if it’s craving water.  
  6. Poor sleep environment or routine – to get the best sleep your bedroom should be dark and cool. Stop using your phone in bed, don’t drink caffeine less than six hours before bed and don’t drink alcohol two hours before bed.  
  7. Sleep Partner Problems – person you’re sharing the bed with could be causing you to stay awake.  
  8. Sleep Disorders.  

The members of the Bobby Bones Show shared their tips for better sleep:  

  • Amy – A man on YouTube named Jason Stevenson, he does a guided sleep meditation.  
  • Lunchbox – Hooking up with someone. It tires you out.  
  • Eddie – His wife listens to the Bible app, and it helps him fall asleep.  
  • Raymundo – He uses a chilly pad pillow. 
  • Morgan – Takes melatonin and watches New Girl.  
  • Bobby Bones – Takes magnesium and it helps his body get to a place where he can fall asleep.