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Listeners Stop by Studio & We’re Convinced It’s Lunchbox From the Future

Listeners Margaret and John from Tampa, Florida won a contest to hang out with The Bobby Bones Show and we’re convinced John is Lunchbox from the future!  

When John retired at 55, he was working at the Post Office and got up on the table, dropped his badge and pulled his pants and told them to kiss his ass. John said he starts everyday spending three hours entering contests and called himself the Contest King. He’s won a trip to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Another thing he won was going to see Rita Ora and Coldplay in London, won $2,000 and many more things. He says he gets a noticed at least once a month that he won something.

The show agreed it sounds like something Lunchbox would do and John should become his mentor. John also said he does not play the lottery because if he won, he knows he’d go crazy spending all that money, which is something Lunchbox would also do.

Basically every time John said something, it sounded like something Lunchbox would do which is why we came to the conclusion that John is definitely Lunchbox from the future.