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Lunchbox Asks Strangers Advice Through Bathroom Stall

Lunchbox went to the public bathrooms at the airport with a microphone and started asking the people next to him the stalls questions!  

The first one was in Minot, North Dakota and there were only two stalls in the bathroom. He told the man in the one next to him that he proposed to his girlfriend with a ring he said was his grandmothers, but it was actually just a ring from a pawn shop, and he does not know if he should tell her where it really came from. The stranger said he should tell her the truth before she finds out from someone else. He was nice, but quickly got out of the bathroom without Lunchbox seeing him.  

For the next one he was in Minneapolis. He asked multiple people in the bathroom for advice on flying, and only one person answered telling him to be quiet. He did another one where he asked the man in the stall next to him about his neighbor who flashes him. He wanted to know if he should tell his wife. The person didn’t have any advice for him and walked away.