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Scuba Steve Needs Help Deciding What To Do With Beloved Dog’s Ashes

Scuba Steve’s beloved dog Ziggy, passed in 2018. He had him cremated and his ashes have been sitting in a box on his fire mantel ever since.

He meant a lot to him, so he’s wondering if keeping his ashes trapped in a box is bad for his dog’s soul. Ziggy was a black pug that died a week before his son was born, so he feels like a part of his dog is in his son. He also brought the box of ashes to the studio. Here's what everyone suggested he do below:  

  • Bobby Bones – He should only spread his ashes if it will make him feel better, if not, keeping them close to him could be important too.  
  • Amy – She really bonded with her old dog, Josie, when she was living in North Carolina. When she died, they spread her ashes at their old house there and it was a special moment that made sense for them to do.  
  • Eddie - Likes the idea of unlocking the box and seeing what happens.  
  • Lunchbox - Told him that a company could take his ashes and make them into a piece of jewelry. 

Scuba Steve also kept some of his hair and wants to know if he could clone his old dog because he loved him so much, but it would cost him $50,000! In the end, he’s probably going to get another dog that needs some love and a home.