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Amy Spoiled ‘Suits’ for Listeners & Now She Has Punishment

A few days ago, Bobby shared how Suits broke its own record again being one of the most streamed shows in recent days since arriving on Netflix.

Because of the new arrival to Netflix, many people are watching it for the first time since the show ended in 2019. When talking about the new streaming numbers, Amy and Morgan shared their thoughts on why it's a great show. While Amy was talking about it, she accidentally revealed a very pivotal moment in the show, and listeners were not happy about it. Because of that, she had to suggest her own punishment.  

She’s gone years without spoiling something since her big spoil with Avengers: Endgame and does not want to have the reputation of someone who ruins TV shows and movies for people, so she feels really bad about it. At first, she was very anti-pillory punishment, but that is the only thing she can think to do and get it over with. At some point next week, Amy will serve one full segment in the pillory as punishment.