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Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Picks for Scariest Movies of All Time

Group of Friends Watching Halloween Scary Movie Together at Home

Photo: YinYang / E+ / Getty Images

Science said that the scariest movie ever is Rob Savage’s, Host. The movie came out in 2020 and the whole thing took place on Zoom. Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared their scariest movies of all time. 

Find out their answers below:  

  • Bobby Bones28 Days Later, because he is scared of viruses. And Knock at the Cabin. He watched it for free on Amazon and compared it to the Saw movies.  
  • Amy – The movie she had to go to the theatre and watch since she lost a game on the show, Terrifier 2. There were times she could not look at the screen because of how gory it was. Cape Fear also really scared her as a kid.  
  • EddieThe Blair Witch Project. He thought it was real, but when he found out it wasn’t, he’s not as scared by it anymore. 
  • LunchboxIt, Candyman, and Children of the Corn.  
  • Mike DThe Conjuring. Anything about demons he finds very scary.  

Photo: Getty Images