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Lunchbox and Eddie Serve Their Pillory Punishment

Lunchbox and Eddie wore the Pillory of Punishment for the first time!

Eddie had to wear it because he repeated the Spanish word of the day, Noche. The pillory is wooden, and they locked his head and hands in it so he could not move and was unable to get out on his own. He wore it for the entire segment and said it was very uncomfortable and understands why it would be embarrassing for someone to have to wear it in public.  

Next, Lunchbox put it on for one full segment to serve his punishment from not getting all 10 questions right in a Trivia game. He was having a hard time getting into it because he couldn’t move his arms up by his shoulders. The only way it worked for him was to bite the board because it wouldn’t go all the way down his arm since he has some sort of deformity in his shoulder. He said it hurt so bad and there was no way he would’ve survived wearing that for hours during medieval times.