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Lunchbox Embarrassed the Show at Listener Lunch

Members of the Bobby Bones Show went to lunch with some listeners who won a contest and Lunchbox embarrassed everyone!  

They ate at a big table for lunch with everyone and listener John, who the show is convinced is Lunchbox from the future, was sharing stories. At lunch, they kept finding out they had more in common. Like, John once delivered mail on a bike, just like Lunchbox rides his bike to work.  

Since the company was paying for the lunch, Lunchbox thought that meant he could order whatever he wanted. He ordered three entrees just for himself and was reluctant to share his food. He was also really annoyed that they did not offer them dessert in the end. Scuba Steve sided with Lunchbox and also took advantage of the company paying for their lunch since it does not happen very often. He ordered multiple things for himself and wondered why everyone else only ordered one thing.  

Amy and Morgan thought Lunchbox was obnoxious because he was getting so much extra food and he’s not the one paying. But they are used to it since he does it every time the company pays for the meal, and he has no regrets about how the lunch went.