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Bobby Bones Show Confesses Things That Would Make Them Angry In Marriage

Members of The Bobby Bones Show played a game about the things that would make them angry with their partner. Basically Bobby gave the show two options and the show had to share which one they would be more angry about if they found themselves in the situation with their partner.

If they made dinner for themselves or ordered food for themselves, both without asking if you wanted anything:  

  • Bobby Bones – Ordered because it’s easy to get something he’d also like.  
  • Amy – Cooked, because if they took the time to make it why couldn’t they also make something for you.  
  • Eddie – Ordered. If his wife ordered a pizza without getting him one, he’d be upset.  
  • Lunchbox – Ordered. His wife knows it’s a restaurant that he likes so she should get him something to eat from there too.  


Angrier if they snooped through your camera roll or through your internet history?  

  • Amy – Internet history.  
  • Lunchbox – Internet, because he does not have anything to hide in his phone and has some questionable internet searches.  
  • Eddie – His wife knows his photos, but his internet history has some bad searches from work.  
  • Bobby Bones – Internet, because he has to look up a lot of weird stuff for the show.  

If you walked in on them watching a TV show you’re supposed to watch together, or if you walked in on them watching a dirty scene?  


If they invited their family to stay the weekend without asking you, or if they let a family member borrow one thousand dollars without asking you?  

  • Lunchbox – Inviting family over without telling him.  
  • Eddie – The money, because that is a lot to give someone.  
  • Amy – Inviting family over without telling her, because she wants to make sure the house is ready.  
  • Bobby Bones – Invite the family over without telling him, so he can make sure his schedule is open for them.  


If they left the house with the candle still burning or the oven on?  

  • Amy – The candle because that can burn the house down faster.  
  • Bobby Bones – The candle because there is more risk.  
  • Lunchbox – Candle  
  • Eddie – Candle