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Most Recently Asked Updates & Questions From BBS Listeners

We gave an update on some of the most recently asked questions from The Bobby Bones Show listeners! Find out our answers below:  

  • When is the show driving competition happening? It will happen in the next couple of weeks because Scuba Steve was out and he is the one who will be organizing it.
  • Is Lunchbox’s friend, Hot Rodney, who he tried to set Morgan up with, real? Morgan tried to ask him if it was happening, and Lunchbox texted him, but there has been no results so far.  
  • Is someone still eating three pounds of food? Lunchbox agreed to do it for $70, and it’s going to happen next week. 
  • Did Scuba Steve finish his show 1-on-1 dates? All except for Abby, Lunchbox and Mike D. He got an extension to September 1st to complete them all.  
  • They want more of the Bobby Sings It Wrong Game. He would sing the first line of a country song in the wrong tune, and you’d have to guess what song it is! They are going to play it again soon!