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Bobby Bones Show Members Admit Last Time They Had a Meltdown

A man tried to put his luggage in the overhead compartment on the plane and was told it would not fit. He was so frustrated about it that he ripped his suitcase in two pieces, threw the clothes and smashed the bag in. It was a meltdown and the story inspired members of the show to share the last time they had a meltdown!  

  • Amy – It started at work and continued throughout the day. Lauren was helping her with the Women of iHeart Country Show and didn’t know the correct button to push, so Amy got upset and slammed her laptop shut and stormed out. Amy had a lot going on that day and was just frustrated, but she knew she didn’t handle the situation properly and has since been working on it. They addressed it on air, and everyone learned something from the situation!  
  • Eddie – He's been having some issues with the siding on his house. He called the builder who installed it, and he came over to check it out. He told him it was up to par, so Eddie ripped off two of the pieces to show they weren’t secure. The man told him they weren’t secure because he ripped them off, but Eddie said he’s showing him what the wind would do. The man said it wasn’t comparable and they started to argue. Eddie admitted he had a meltdown because he had been dealing with the issue for weeks and needed to relax. Also, he’s now missing a bunch of boards and the company is refusing to fix it. 
  • Lunchbox – He had a meltdown with TSA at the Minneapolis airport. He had a three- and half-hour layover, so he went to the Mall of America. When he came back to the airport it was 10 p.m. and no one was there. When he went to TSA, they told him he could not go through that entrance because it was only for employees. The man started yelling at him to stand somewhere else and that’s when Lunchbox snapped at him and said, “You just tell me where to stand until I miss my flight, but there is no one in this airport and if you want me to stay overnight I will.” The TSA agent then said he just wanted to get the employees through first and then he could come through. Lunchbox didn’t understand why the TSA agent was so hostile, but it caused him to have a meltdown.  
    • He also had a meltdown at a hotel in Boston because the curtsey shuttle that was supposed to take him to and from the airport was in the shop that weekend. He wasn’t notified about it before checking in and since it was down, he asked to get a discount on his room, but they didn’t give it to him.  
    • He also shared another story about the time a store gave away his sister's table that she had reserved, and he had a meltdown with the employees about it.  
  • Morgan – She had a to-do list of things to get done around her house and she was already exhausted because she had done so much that day and she needed to move a TV to another room. She already had to do everything by herself and even though she knew she couldn't do the TV by herself, she didn't have anyone to ask. So she went for it and realized it was a big mistake, but she was so frustrated doing it alone that she just dropped it, shattered the screen and quit trying.  
  • Raymundo – His cat got spayed and they had to move furniture to make sure she did not jump on anything. He was trying to do some work in the living room and was frustrated with everything the vets wanted him to do. So, he threw his laptop across his living room, but thankfully it landed on his couch.  
  • Scuba Steve – Most of the time he has a meltdown he sees red and blacks out. But one of his most memorable ones was from when he was moving out of L.A. and was in a TJ Maxx and something happened with a man who was standing in line with him. He woke up to him cursing at him and holding his throat. He does not even know what he did for him to upset him like that, but when he snapped out of it, he apologized and immediately left the store.  
  • Bobby Bones – He’s learned through therapy that he is always living in a state of stress, and it’s become normal to him. He only has rage when Arkansas loses a ball game, and he will punch his couch when that happens. He did recently get mad at someone who was building something in his backyard for his dogs. When he told him it was too steep and the dogs would fall trying to go down it, the guy told him he knew what he was doing. Later, his dog fell down it and when Bones called him, he said he did not believe it. So, he sent him the video and the man came back out to fix it and charged Bones for both visits to the house and the supplies. Bones said he didn’t agree with the bill and negotiated the price back and forth with the man until they settled it.