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Eddie and Scuba Steve Make Bet Over Their Hair

Morgan Wallen recently shaved his head and Scuba Steve is upset about it because he is bald and does not understand why Wallen would shave a full head of hair.  

Eddie has been starting to bald and has been holding on to his hair for a long time, so Scuba suggested he shave it. Eddie said his wife won’t let him because she told him he looks like his dad when he does. Scuba made a deal that if he grows his hair out until December 31, 2023, to show everyone what it looks like, and can’t wear a hat to hide it, then Eddie will shave his head bald on the first day of the year (2024).

Mike D, Morgan and Raymundo will vote that if Scuba’s hair starts to become too long, he will be allowed to cut it, and the deal will still be in place.