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Lunchbox Shares Update On His Stocks Shared With Bobby & Amy

Bobby Bones, Amy and Lunchbox put in $90 each, $270 all together, to let Lunchbox invest in stocks to make some money. He shared an update on how his investments are going!  

He took Raymundo’s advice and bought Advance Therapeutics but lost $13. They have $290 and are up $20, and most of the money they’ve made from buying WWE, which had made them $14. Because he owned .065425 shares of Apple on his brokerage account, he received a dividend payment for two cents! He also received a dividend payment of three cents from Academy Sports and one for thirteen cents from WWE.  

Bones and Amy sent him $120 each to pair with the $90 he has left to invest in the company, Nvidia since their share keeps going up. Amy researched the company more and found that they may not make any money from that investment until 2028.