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Surrender, Know Your Worth & Remember: Every No Brings You Closer to a Yes!

After searching for someone to be Amy's right hand for the podcast, she found someone who was literally "waiting for her call." In this episode you meet Haley D & if her story (after a string of no's) doesn't give you hope that there's a yes around the corner...well...we don't know what will. Haley D. has a very interesting life & we look forward to getting to know more about her.


-If you're getting no after no right now...let her story be hope for you

-BravoCon & her theory on Andy + John Mayer

-American Idol (she tried out for it 10 years ago & made it to Hollywood) 

-She had a hysterectomy at 33 (hormones, rage, etc...)

-There will be a future episode with her on postpartum 

-Mississippi to Nashville for a new life!

-4 Things Gratitude

-Why she walks in silence or with a friend (it's therapeutic, yes, but it's more to do with her new TrueCrime obsession that now has her paranoid) 

-Therapy / Knowing Your Worth-Acting As If (special 4 part series coming up!!)

 -& MORE

Listen. Enjoy. Like. Subscribe. All the things. And most importantly, have the day you need to have! 


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy


Haley D // @HaleyDollarhide

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