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Morgan Asked The Show Questions About Upcoming Dates

Morgan has been going on some dates lately and the last one she went on she took a guy to the Luke Bryan concert. She’ll probably go on a second date with him soon and he was talking about cooking dinner for her, so she wanted to see some different perspectives the Bobby Bones Show had about when things should happen on dates.

  • When should she allow a guy to pick her up for a date? The second date if you feel good about him. But never if it’s a blind date you’re meeting for the first time.  
  • Allow a guy to come over for a movie? Third date. If the first two dates went well, then inviting him over is good for the third one but if he comes to her house, he may think it means she wants to hookup. So maybe fifth date if you want to take it slow.  
  • When should a guy meet her dog? Second or third date, when he picks you up and comes up to the door, he can meet the dog!  
  • When should the first kiss happen? First date if the date is going right. If they’re a bad kisser, you’re not going to want to continue seeing them anyway.