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Two Show Members Almost Got in Separate Accidents

Transportation has been a hot topic on the Bobby Bones Show lately because some show members have been accused of being bad drivers.

When Eddie was driving to work, he almost saw a bad accident happen. There was a car trying to change lanes without knowing there was another car next to them and they swerved back to try and correct their mistake. Both Eddie and that car got off the same exit and pulled into the same entrance for work, that’s when he saw it was Amy. Amy said he was exaggerating and explained what really happened. She was in her daughter’s car, so she had a different viewpoint and the car that she almost crashed into came speeding up into the lane she tried to get over to. If the car was going the speed limit, she could’ve gotten over no problem, but she had to swerve back since they were speeding.  

Lunchbox confessed he almost wrecked recently too. He’s been riding his bike to work and sometimes after he’ll go ride it for a few miles on a local pedestrian trail. He was going super-fast around the corner of the path and there were two people jogging who had to jump off the path because Lunchbox almost hit them!