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Acting As If (New Mini-Series! Coming Soon)

Amy Brown is on a never-ending journey of self-discovery – always looking for different perspectives on health, life, and transformation! 


This new mini-series will tackle the concept of “Acting As If” – learning to believe the things you WANT to believe and reclaim the reins of the confusing thoughts that can sometimes takeover your mind. 


If you're feeling stuck, battling self-doubt, or simply want to take ownership of your life by taking ownership of your thoughts , "Acting As If" is just for you:


How to stop the downward spiraling thoughts from ruling your life

Why your thoughts don’t match up with your feelings

You can't out-smart, out-positive-think, or out-motivate your beliefs

How to work smarter (not harder) to align what you DO with what you SAY

Positive thinking alone doesn't always cut it, there is so much more to it than that – that’s why Amy has teamed up with Self-Image Scientist Leanne Ellington to share a fresh-yet-totally-doable approach so that stepping into WHO WE WANT TO BE… actually becomes possible.


Listen to all 4 episodes next Monday, September 4th for you to listen to while driving home from your long weekend, enjoying your day off, or to download and listen whenever you’re ready for new levels of awareness and growth!

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