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Show Shares The “Sound” From Their Vacation

The Bobby Bones Show is back after being on vacation last week, and everyone shared a sound that summed up their vacation! Find out their answers below:  

  • Amy - Her goal for vacation was relaxation so her sound was a Sound Bath. She attended her first one ever and the sounds were so peaceful, she now plays them in her house.  
  • Bobby Bones – His was a man speaking Italian because he went to Italy. He also went to Rome and had his first experience with pick pocketers.  
    • His other sound was a word in French because they also went to France and saw the Eiffel Tower and other historical sights.  
  • Lunchbox – His sound was his kid crying. Every time he would try to change his diaper, he would freak out and start crying. It happened multiple times every day.  
  • Eddie – His sound was a sneeze. He thinks he played too much golf that the pollen got to him, which caused him to have some sinus problems all week.