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Eddie Thinks He’s More Famous Than Lunchbox

Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show doesn't understand Lunchbox's fascination with fame and how he believes he's one of the most famous people in Nashville.

Last week, it was Eddie’s son’s birthday, so he picked him up some lunch and they ate in the cafeteria together. Then, a line of 10 kids started around him wanting his autograph! He now thinks he is more famous than Lunchbox because of it. He only brought it up to make Lunchbox angry but did admit he felt a little cringe admitting it. It did make Eddie feel cool that he saw his son smiling about it, but since it was his birthday, he stopped the line and didn’t sign any more autographs.  

Lunchbox shared how one time he went to his niece's school and the lady at the front desk was so excited to see Lunchbox she almost choked. He compared himself to The Beatles walking in.