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Lunchbox Shares Update On His, Bobby, & Amy’s Stocks

Lunchbox shared an update on how his, Bobby Bones and Amy’s stocks are doing!

In total they’ve put in $720, and they’ve bought a full share of Nvidia. Right now, they are at $697 plus 34. Their full investment in NVIDIA, they’ve made 5.5% back on their return, resulting in $25.43. In total, they’ve made $11 so far!  

Bones wants everyone on Friday’s show to present something they’ve found online that they can all pitch in to buy for an investment! For example, a James Bond Ski Car for $1.4 million or a 1921 Japanese Babe Ruth Post Card that he signed for $5,500 and others. It can be any type of memorabilia they find, just can’t be too insanely expensive.