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Raymundo Reveals If His “Free Cruise” Offer Was A Scam

A while ago, someone messaged Raymundo on Instagram offering him and his wife a free cruise as long as he advertised for them. Everyone thought it was a scam, but he went for it and found out it’s NOT a scam alert!  

He and his wife took a leap of faith and sent the person their info, including their social security number and they booked it for them. They had to buy the plane tickets to get to the cruise port in Miami and once they got there, they still weren’t sure if it was a scam or not until they got the wrist bands and walked on to the ship with no problems! On the cruise they went to Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Miami for five days and four nights. It was an incredible time, and they are so happy they believed in it, and it all worked out! Next Level Travel Advisor on Instagram is who messaged them and to hold up their end of the deal, they tagged them in all their pictures! Next Level Travel Advisor is a travel agent based in Austin who can book anything, and they highly recommend using them!  

The rest of the show looked at their Instagram messages and saw they had ones from him too offering free cruises and are now thinking about taking him up on the offer since they know it’s not a scam!