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Show Shares Their Voice Audition For Nintendo’s Mario

Nintendo needs a new voice actor for Mario, due to the original person retiring. A few people on The Bobby Bones Show are trying to get into voice acting, even though they have no experience in it.  Nintendo is not looking for someone to completely replicate the original voice, and instead are looking for a new one, which means it could even be a female Mario. Whoever is best on the show with their Mario impression, Bobby Bones will endorse! 

To test the show’s Mario voice skills, Bones asked them a generic question they had to answer in their Mario audition voice.  

  • Eddie’s Mario sounded like he was in the mafia.  
  • Lunchbox sounded like he was being half Mario, half himself.  
  • Amy sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire. 
  • Raymundo’s sounded Canadian.  

None of them were great, but if Bones had to pick one, it would be Raymundo’s.