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Bobby Got Upgraded to First Class for Flight, When His Wife Didn’t

Bobby Bones and his wife were going on vacation, but when they got to the airport for their first connecting flight from Detroit to Europe, they got a message that the flight had been canceled. 

They got put on another flight at 7 p.m. in Minneapolis that then flew them overseas. When they got there, they didn’t have assigned seats yet, but when they got their tickets, Bones got upgraded to a first-class seat while his wife had a normal coach seat in the back. He felt uncomfortable in the situation and asked what others on the show would’ve done:  

  • Eddie – He thinks he’d keep his first-class ticket and tell his wife he’s never sat in first-class before so let him enjoy it.  
  • Lunchbox – He would’ve told his wife that’s show business baby and he’d bring her a drink.  

In the end, Bones gave his wife the first-class seat and he sat in coach. He was uncomfortable the whole time but he did it so he could cash it in and get a favor from her later.