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Bobby Bones Show Pitches Investment Ideas

The members of The Bobby Bones Show all found items online for purchase that they pitched for everyone to invest in.  

  • Amy – Antique 19th Century vampire slaying kit. She thinks it will be worth more when the end of the world comes. It cost $400. Everyone turned it down. 
  • Lunchbox – A wholesale pallet that you don’t know what is in it. It cost $525. Six out of eight people on the show want to invest in it.  
  • Eddie – A concert worn bandana that belonged to Willie Nelson in 1986. It includes pictures of proof, and it cost $1,399. Bones and Lunchbox said if it has a letter of authenticity, they will invest in it.  
  • Morgan – Invest in an ice cream bike. It’s a bicycle with a built-in fridge. It could be wrapped in Bobby Bones Show merch and have artists sign it. They can sell ice cream from it and have constant segments from it. It cost $2,700. No one wanted to invest in it.  
  • Raymundo – Two-inch piece of Tungsten cube. It’s made up of the densest and heaviest metal on earth. It costs $500 and they say it will double in the next year. They will also include a one-inch cube for free. No one wanted to invest in it because they thought it was a scam.  
  • Scuba Steve – There is a tow company in town and once a month they do an auction for the cars they have seized from drug dealers and others. They have an auction coming up on Wednesday, and he thinks it would be a good segment idea if we went and tried to buy a car and flip it. Depending on the type of car it will cost between $500-$20,000. They need more info before they agree to invest in it.  
  • Abby – An original vintage perfume bottle from Paris, France. It’s going for $85 and can be sold for up to $10K. Bones, Lunchbox and Scuba agreed to invest in it.  
  • Mike D – Disney just dropped their first ever card collecting game. It’s called Disney Lorcana and the first pack is already sold out and was priced at $50 and is now selling for $125 on eBay. There is another pack dropping soon. Everyone on the show agreed to pitch in for two boxes.  
  • Bobby Bones – A box from The Office of Dunder Mifflin paperwork and a letter of authenticity that was used on the show. It was Stanley’s box on the show, and it includes paperwork from some of the most iconic episodes. It cost $1,800. Lunchbox and Eddie agreed to invest in it for $600 each.