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Bobby Bones Show Share the Worst Advice They’ve Ever Received

The members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the worst advice they’ve ever received. Here's some of the things they shared:

  • Bobby Bones – When he was getting his start in radio in a small market, he kept getting in trouble so an older gentleman who worked there told him to lay low and stay under the radar instead of trying new things so he could survive at his job longer. Bones never took his advice and has continued to take chances.  
  • Eddie – His father told him that since life is short, he should buy whatever he wants. He listened and that’s how his debt started. He’s been better at saving money since.  
  • Lunchbox – Money doesn’t buy happiness so he shouldn’t worry about money. He’s found the more money he’s had, the happier he’s gotten!  
  • Amy – Years ago when she was trying to get pregnant, she started getting colonics all the time because someone told her that would help her get pregnant. Then the colonics person told her to stop using dryer sheets and to eat a bunch of pineapple when she was ovulating. She was trying everything, but nothing was ideal for her.  
  • Raymundo – He was told to stay close to home and go to college there. Every one of his friends who did that ended up never leaving their hometown, got a girl pregnant, and still live there today.